Yani 2000 EOOD company

     Company Yani 2000 EOOD was found in 2003. Its main business is manual and machine grinding and polishing of brass details for sanitary tapware. Additionally, it can process aluminium details, manufacture and design instrumental equipment, perform high-pressure casting of aluminium details. This method is suitable for batch production of thin-walled castings with accurate dimensions, mainly of aluminium and zinc-aluminium alloys.

   To secure the production process instrumental equipment is required, die casting moulds are also produced for making precision castings, as well as other devices for mechanical processing, etc.

  Company’s equipment includes machining centres, lathes, CNC  lathes, universal milling machines, flat and round grinders, coordinate turning and boring lathes, drilling machines, etc. Its design and technology department elaborates the engineering documentation, provides the programming and technological support for the instrumental production. It also performs mechanical processing of various types of details and powder coating of details using its electrostatic powder coating line.


Machine fleet


  • Ready-made products
  • High pressure die casting
  • Making of die casting moulds
  • Making of small series of sheet metal items
  • Grinding and polishing of details
  • Mechanical processing machines
  • High pressure die casting machines
  • Electrostatic powder coating of details

If you have any questions or want to make an inquiry please contact us:

  • Tsvetan Dimitrov – Manager
  • Yana Dimitrova – Foreign Trade Manager
  • Lilyana Ivanova – Marketing Manager